Laura Chinchilla, the former President of Costa Rica, has had a remarkable political career and a life beyond the presidency. One question that often arises is, “Where does Laura Chinchilla live now?” In this article, we will explore the current residence of Laura Chinchilla and gain insights into her post-presidential life.

Laura Chinchilla: A Brief Biography

Before delving into the details of her current residence, let’s take a brief look at the life and career of Laura Chinchilla. Born on March 28, 1959, in Carmen Central, San José, she went on to become the first female President of Costa Rica, serving from 2010 to 2014.

Laura Chinchilla is known for her commitment to social and political issues. Her presidency was marked by various domestic and international policies, including those related to education, healthcare, and environmental conservation.

Post-Presidential Life

After her term as President, Laura Chinchilla continued to be active in various areas, including academia, international relations, and political consultancy. She remained an influential figure in Costa Rican and global politics.

Laura Chinchilla’s Current Residence

As of our last update, Laura Chinchilla’s primary residence is located in her home country of Costa Rica. She is known to split her time between San José, the capital city, and other regions of Costa Rica.

It’s important to note that Laura Chinchilla’s post-presidential life is relatively private, and she maintains a degree of confidentiality regarding her exact residence for security and privacy reasons.

Life Beyond Politics

While Laura Chinchilla’s political career has been significant, she has also expressed her passion for various causes beyond politics. Her post-presidential life has seen her involvement in international organizations and her commitment to issues such as human rights, democracy, and environmental conservation.

Laura Chinchilla’s Impact on Costa Rican Politics

Laura Chinchilla’s influence in Costa Rican politics extends beyond her presidency. Explore her enduring impact on the country’s political landscape and her contributions to key social and environmental issues.

Laura Chinchilla’s Global Advocacy

Learn about Laura Chinchilla’s involvement in international organizations and her advocacy for human rights, democracy, and environmental conservation on a global scale.

Presidential Residences: A Tradition of Privacy

Delve into the tradition of privacy surrounding the residences of former presidents and the reasons behind this practice.

The Future of Laura Chinchilla

While her exact residence remains private, what’s in store for Laura Chinchilla’s future? Gain insights into her potential roles and contributions in the years to come.

By respecting the privacy and security concerns of public figures like Laura Chinchilla, we can appreciate their contributions while allowing them the space they need for their post-political lives.


In summary, Laura Chinchilla, the former President of Costa Rica, continues to live in her home country and divides her time between different regions, including the capital city of San José. Her life beyond politics is marked by her continued involvement in various social and political causes.

It’s important to respect her privacy and security, as she has made significant contributions to both Costa Rican and global politics. Laura Chinchilla remains an influential and respected figure in the post-presidential phase of her life.

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